Your Wedding Website as an Online Archive

WeddingDonkey - Create an Online Archvive of your own wedding website and keep it online for your guests even after the wedding.

If you want to keep your website accessible to family and friends once your wedding is over, we have the perfect solution for you: the Online Archive. Your website will stay online with your current internet address and your friends and guests can access it from anywhere. The Online Archive is substantially cheaper than a regular subscription.

Compared to the regular website, the Online Archive can no longer be altered. We will 'freeze' your website once it has been converted into an Online Archive. With your Online Archive you still have:

  • all pages of your wedding website including slideshows, photo sets, videos and guest book
  • fully functional photo galleries with your background music
  • fully functional maps
  • an overview of your gift registry

Price: $49 per year