Download Your Wedding Website as a Souvenir

We are happy to announce a new option which allows you to download your wedding website as a souvenir, even after your WeddingDonkey subscription has expired and your site is not online anymore.

How does it work? You create your own wedding website, celebrate your wedding and share the most exciting pictures and moments with your guests. Just before your subscription expires and the site will be offline, you can download a fully functional copy of your wedding website to your local computer and enjoy your website as often as you want.

More information on the keepsake dowload feature can be found here:

WeddingDonkey Keepsake Download

Charging VAT for EU Customers

As of first of May 2013 WeddingDonkey is legally obligated to charge VAT for customers from the EU. Therefore VAT will be added to displayed prices for EU customers. Donkey thanks for your understanding.

Export Your RSVP Submissions

Bridal couples can now export all RSVP submissions for their wedding events. The data will be exported in CSV format and can be used in any spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel, OpenOffice) for further processing.

The WeddingDonkey Manifesto

I want to have my own wedding website builder!

The Donkey 2008

When Donkey was trying to set up a wedding website for his own wedding back in 2008, he came to the conclusion that he needed his own wedding website builder. Donkey just couldn’t find one that was really easy to use and he didn’t like the wedding templates he could choose from. They were way too boring or too traditional. So after a couple of years, the Donkey completed his mission and is proud to present WeddingDonkey - your Wedding Website, made easy.